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Why Choose a Travel Agent for Your Holiday Booking?

January 21, 2019

It’s tempting to book a trip online based solely on cheap Airfares. In fact you can save money by comparison shopping and getting the lowest price but should any unexpected issues arise before or during your trip, you are on your own and there is no agency to blame or help you solve your problem. Here’s why you should book your holidays with a Travel Agent rather than book your own online.

Benefits from a Travel Agent

  • Giving advice about holiday planning.
  • Planning different options for a holiday.
  • Checking several hotels for availability, room types and tours.
  • Organising any necessary visas.
  • Setting together a full itinerary plan with step-by-step instructions.
  • Schedule a payment plan.

Many Travel Agencies have their own specializations, from Disney Trips to Country-Specific Tours and can provide first-hand insider knowledge on the destination. This also means that they have connections; some agents have their own local representatives and thus are often able to offer you benefits like room upgrades, hard-to-get restaurant reservations, and soldout tours and events.

One of the main reasons to consider booking with a Travel Agent is; if you’re planning a multi-stop trip with layovers and connecting flights, Travel Agents might find combinations you wouldn’t get by yourself. And if you’re planning a trip that involves a big group of people, tours and sightseeing, or might involve visas, inoculation or complicated passport requirements, a travel agent might be your best choice. In the event if something goes wrong, there’s an emergency, or you need to cancel, then Travel Agents are a safety net.

In addition most Travel Agents will not charge you for their service they provide since they get paid through hotels, tours and travel partners, so it literally will not cost you anything to give them a shot. And above Most Travel Agents match online prices and do their best to find you the best deals available.

Finally, Travel Agents Have Priceless Advice which you will not find from online bookings. Most agents travel regularly as part of their role, hence can recommend destinations and holiday plans from their experience. They will help you to choose the best rooms, eat at the best restaurants and find the best places to shop, all while saving you money and time.

Happy Travelling, Enjoy!

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