Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at Oscar Holidays, we take pride in our accomplishments achieved alongside our esteemed travel partners worldwide.

As the exclusive General Sales Agency for three airlines—AirArabia, Kenya Airways and Egypt Airways—we ensure seamless connectivity to major travel hubs across the globe.

With our unwavering integrity and comprehensive knowledge of visa formalities and application procedures, we prioritize your position in the queue, where you rightfully belong.

Whether you are a group or an individual traveler, and whether you prefer chartered or scheduled airlines, we warmly welcome your arrival and cater to all your needs, ranging from chauffeured cars to guided bus tours. Language barriers are never a concern, and our extensive range of products will keep you returning to us time and again.

Our outbound arrangements are equally diverse and personalized. Whether you embark on a luxury cruise or an exotic getaway, we consistently strive to offer you the most favorable deals.

Do you have MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions)? At Oscar, we have built a reputation for providing personalized solutions and service since our inception. With the support of our partner hotels, both local and international, we guarantee the finest options for a successful event.

From crafting your ideal itinerary at competitive prices to providing travel insurance and emergency assistance while you’re away, we keep you informed about industry trends, advancements, and exclusive offers, streamlining your travel plans.

Our current success is a testament to our enduring commitment to delivering a level of customer service that exceeds all expectations.

In summary, we surpass expectations by catering to the needs, preferences, and budgets of our customers. Our combination of personalized services and excellent value for money will transform your dream vacation into a reality. We remain devoted to upholding our principles of delivering quality in every aspect of what we do.

“When Oscar Holidays uses the term ‘Promotions,’ we genuinely stand by it. We take great care to ensure that our communications provide accurate descriptions of our products and prices, without exception. We firmly believe that resorting to purely persuasive tactics or any form of deception would be a grave disservice to you. At Oscar Holidays, we have full confidence that our promotions are unparalleled and unwavering in terms of service quality.”

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