• To be the Preferred Travel Partner in the Region



We are Committed:

  • To Our Customer, from all Quarters to deliver Excellence every time
  • To Our Employees, creating exciting new opportunities and rising share of Wealth
  • For Our Business Partners, We will be a Winner to Grow with Best Possible Return
  • For Our State & Community, We are Responsible Enterprise with the Nation at Heart


We at Oscar Holidays are a personalised travel agency, with our corporate offices in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our travel partners are established giants in the leisure industry across the globe.

Our success is a reflection of our long-standing values in superior customer service, innovation, and our ability to source and provide value-for-money travel products to all our customers. We are very proud of our achievements and of our dedicated team of experienced employees that have brought us to where we are today.

We listen to your needs, tastes, and of course budget. We are here to help you realize your dream holiday! We pride ourselves on being efficient and friendly, professional yet personalized, qualitative yet good value for money.

We are the General Sales Agency (GSA) for AirArabia, Sri Lankan Airlines, Kenyan Airways, and PSSA for EgyptAir worldwide.

“When Oscar Holidays say ‘Promotions’ we genuinely mean it. To maintain your trust, our communications accurately describe our products and prices, without fail. Anything that is purely persuasive and which could be construed as deceptive would be serious disservice to you, in our eyes. We at Oscar Holidays are confident that our promotions are unbeatable and uncompromised on service.”

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